Wednesday, January 6, 2016

External microphone on newer MacBook Pros

Ever had the need to connect an external microphone to a MacBook Pro and realized that the laptop in question only have a single 3.5mm mini jack port, and require a TRRS connector?

The solution seems to be to get a Sennheiser PCV 07 Y-splitter. I only had luck if I also, concurrently, had a pair of headphones hooked up to the headphone port.

This may or may not also work on other Mac laptops such as the MacBook and MacBook Air.


  1. It turns out that a PCV 05 ostensably for PC works as well. You'll need to connect a normal headset with separate TRS connectors for mic and speakers to get OS X to recognize the external mic, and then switch out the mic plug for your real mic.

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